About Us

Flutec Hydraulics is formed in Changzhou of China with the mission of supplying world-class hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems to the various industrial sectors.

In 1995, our factory started designing and manufacturing the first cylinder in-house. In 2010, Flutec Hydraulics exported the first hydraulic cylinder to the abroad market. Flutec Hydraulics has completed numerous installations throughout China mainland and abroad since then.

At the present, our overseas customers mainly come from the following countries and districts ( USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Russia,  Belarus, South Africa, Kenya, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc…)

Our factory floor space exceeds 38,000 Sqr. meters and our 20 cranes provide us with the capability to manufacture cylinders and components weighing up to 300 metric tons.

From conception to installation our engineers, factory staff, and salesmen strive to ensure that our customers receive the very best in quality products and service.

Our manufacturing facility is capable of producing hydraulic cylinders up to the following dimensions:

Bore Diameter – 3,000mm  /  Rod Diameter  – 2,500 mm   /  Stroke  – 20,000mm  /  Pressure – 250Mpa

The Typical Applications: 

Press Manufacturing, Machine Manufacturing, Aluminum Casting System, Mobile Hydraulics, Hydropower Plant, Mining & Cement Mill, Ship Lock, Offshore and Marine Crane, Jack-up System, Split Hopper System, Piling Barge, Port Equipment…

Flutec Hydraulics source raw steel materials exclusively from the most reputable and quality approved suppliers in China such as  Chengdu Pangang,Xingcheng Special Steel,Hunan Valin Steel,China Baowu Steel Group,Jiangsu Shagang Steel etc.

We at Flutec Hydraulics invite all customers to consider our facilities for your next hydraulic project.