Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering mainly include water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, tunnel boring, the oil and gas industry, recreational facilities and Birdges etc

Water level control and flood protection

For water level control as well as for flood protection in modern dams hydraulic drive systems with hydraulic cylinders are mainly used for gate movement and positioning. Due to the different cinematic of the used radial gates, rotary gates, slide gates and flap gates the hydraulic cylinders have to be engineered according to the respective case. This can be done according to the usual DIN and ASME standards but also regional standards as well as special customer requests can be considered. The necessary functions for load holding, synchronisation and safety will be realized with manifold blocks which are mainly direct flanged to the hydraulic cylinders. Through the optional possible engineering and production of hydraulic manifold blocks as well as of the associated power packs we can offer our costumers complete systems solutions for civil engineering.

Hydro-Electric Power Plant

For the turbine intake gates of hydroelectric power plants hydraulic cylinders are required which can guarantee a reliable load hold function but can also interrupt the water flow at a high speed, to prevent a breakdown of the turbine.

Beside the production of new hydraulic cylinders we can also offer refurbishments and modernizations. For the “Iron Gate” hydroelectric power plant at the river Amania in Anhui for example the approximately 10 years old hydraulic cylinders of the turbine intake gates were completely refurbished. On this occasion the original piston rods were refurbished with the Ceraplate rod coating and the cylinder design was changed to Merkel seal and guiding elements.

Ship Locks and Ship Yards

For hydraulic drives located close to water high demands according to reliability, corrosion protection or environmental compatibility have to be kept. These demands can be fulfilled by using modern piston rod coatings like the Ceraplate coating, by using special Merkel seal and guiding elements for environment friendly hydraulic fluids or by using maintenance free spherical bearings in stainless steel quality.

For the fishing harbour ship lock in Yantze River the complete hydraulic drive system was developed and built by the Flutec Hydraulics. Beside the hydraulic cylinders, manifold blocks and power packs with electric control also the installation and commisioning was part of our service.

Passenger terminals and Ferry bridges

Hydraulic drive systems for moveable bridges have to satisfy highest safety demands. Beside hydraulic cylinders for bascule bridges, rotatable bridges or lift bridges we also produce special cylinders for ferry bridges and passenger terminals.

For the Luofu Project for example a special telescopic bridge lifting cylinder was developed to lift up one side of the bridge leaf by up to 16m. The hydraulic cylinder with a capacity of 7,500 kN is equipped with externally adjustable seal systems  as well as with a load release coupling element at the road end.