19-July-2018 Bore 1500 Press Cylinder finished successfully

FLUTEC Hydraulics successfully assembled this large bore cylinder within 75days. The Bore Dia. is 1500mm and the weight is about 80 metric tons. Merkel seals was used for this cylinder. We have strong suppliers of all materials including forging,casting,chrome plating, seals and other standard parts. All machining process were operated and quality-controled in house.          

28-August-2017 Four only Hydraulic cylinders exported to RBCT in South Africa

FLUTEC Hydraulics successfully exported 4 pieces of Luffing cylinder 400/200×3550 to RBCT in South Africa. The piston rods were made in EN24T material and Ni/Cr plated . Hallite Seals and LYC bearings were used for these cylinders The appointed quality engineer inspected all the material certificates, welding process procedure, finished parts dimensions and pressure testing. And these four cylinders have been certified by SGS as per end-user’s requirements.                

18-June-2016 One only Hydraulic Cylinder exported to Vietnam for Hydropower Plant

FLUTEC Hydraulics successfully exported one Bore280/140×5450 hydraulic cylinder c/w hydraulic power unit to a Hydropower Plant locatd in Vietnam. The piston rod was made in 2Cr13 stainless steel and double layer chrome plated. Parker seals and Rexroth Valves were used for this cylinder. The Vietnamese inspect engineers have inspected this hydraulic hoist step by step and is very satisfied with our quality.            

19-May-2015 More and more Press Cylinders and Bolsters exported to Canada

FLUTEC Hydraulics successfully exported many hydraulic cylinders and Press Bolsters to our Canadian  client, which is a very famous press manufacturer locted in Toronto city of Canada. All cylinder tubing were made from one piece forging ,the raw material is CK45 QT to Min. 380Mpa yield strength All cylinder rod were made from one piece forging, the raw material is AISI 4140 HSR to Min. HRC25. System Seals were used for these cylinders. The maximal weight of one cylinder we supplied is [...]