20-January-2020 Extra Large Hydraulic Cylinder will be installed for pile driving barge

Extra Large Hydraulic Cylinder is manufactured within 180 days at our heavy cylinder workshop. Bore1400mm x Rod 720mm x Stroke 15200 ,Push Force 25500KN,Pull Force 18000KN Piston Rod is made in 42CrMo steel, Laser Cladding on rod surface. Flutec Hydraulics has great experience in design and manufacturing of large hydraulic cylinder for pile driving barge.                    

15-December-2019 Two Luffing Cylinders for Offshore Crane finished within 120days

Flutec Hydraulics has finished two luffing cylinders 480/415×5730 for offshore crane located in Russia. Custom-made Merkel Seals, ceramic coated piston rod and inside chromed cylinder tube are demanded on these cylinders. Flutec Hydraulics has strong ablilites to provide various solutions on rod coating such as double layer chome plated,Nickel / Chrome plated,HVOF ,Ceramic Coated, Stainless welding, Laser Cladding etc… In order to keep the cylinders dry and stop some parts from rusting, all our exported cylinder are packed in special way. They [...]

19-April-2019 Six Press Cylinders were shipped to Canada

FLUTEC Hydraulics spent 65days in finishing these six hydraulic cylinders for our customer in Canada. More and more hydraulic cylinders made by FLUTEC Hydraulics have been exported to abroad press manufacturers. 4 nos. Double Acting Cylinders Bore19.5inches / Rod 18inches x 55inches 2 nos. Single Acting Cylinders Bore 16.5inches/ Rod 16inches x55inches