Hydraulic Solutions

Flutec Hydraulics has finished many installations in various industries such as Steel Mill, Cement Mill, Aluminum Casting System, Hydraulic Press Manufacturing, Hydropower Plant Dam Gate Control System, Pile Driving System, Hopper Splitting System, Offshore Crane, Mobile Crane, Jack Up System etc….

Our Custom Manufacturing Process

How our cylinder engineering, repair, and quality departments take you from inquiry to the solution.

Step 1.0 Engineering Consultation: Our engineers and draftsmen collaborate with you right from the beginning to understand your exact cylinder requirements.

Step 2.1 Create a Custom Cylinder: The cylinders we recommend will either be completely custom, standard or something in between. When custom is required, our experts will precision-engineer a design that ensures quality performance

Step 2.2 Repair & Rebuild an Existing Cylinder: Sometimes your existing cylinder is right for the job. We can repair, rebuild and refurbish it to meet the most stringent OEM specifications, regardless of manufacturer. During these early discussions, we’ll identify deficiencies that, if corrected, could increase the cylinder’s service life significantly.

Step 3.0 Final Design Adjustments & Part Production:  After our engineers make final design adjustments, we rely on our comprehensive machining capabilities to produce precision,high-quality cylinders and parts that will stand up in the most grueling applications.

Step 4.0 Pre-Assembly Quality Check: A cornerstone of the entire process, these quality checks include extensive part measurement and testing to ensure total precision and ongoing performance. We follow dedicated quality control standards for the manufacture and testing of every cylinder.

Step 5.0 Assembly: Each precision part is assembled precisely to spec within our 38000 Square meters production facility.

Step 6.0 Testing & Quality Inspection: We follow dedicated quality control standards, administer stringent functionality and pressure tests and conduct total testing on all of our finished products.

Step 7.0 Painting & Finishing Services: Aesthetics and details matter. We will provide any painting and finishing services you may need right here in our own facility. Specialty paints and packaging for export shipments are available upon request.

Step 8.0 Shipping: After each cylinder is built exactly to spec, tested, and finished, we can set up shipping for you or contact your shipping department to make sure your cylinder arrives in a timely manner.